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Students of Maynooth, If you hold this place dear, have a penchant for leadership and wish to see the interests of its students represented fairly and equally, we need you! Becoming a students union representative looks ridiculously good on your...

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Science Week 2014 is Upon Us!

Science Week 2014 is Upon Us!

SCIENCE WEEK EVENTS 2014 Monday 10th Nov JH2 7.00 – 8.00: Professor Brian Hughes, School of Psychology, NUI Galway ADVENTURES IN SCIENCE COMMUNICATION. Science and scientists are objects of fascination in modern society. Despite this, science is very frequently misunderstood and misrepresented in...

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Maynooth Chooses to Soar!

Maynooth Chooses to Soar!

Exciting news! Every year clubs and societies at Maynooth University choose a cause of choice to support for the coming year. This year, Soar was invited to apply and we are more than thrilled to announce that they have been selected...

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Introducing the MSU discount card!

Introducing the MSU discount card!

  Maynoothians!!! Need to save them dolla dolla bills? Then look no further than your MSU discount card. This will entitle you to savings that will give you the extra bit of money to spend on yourself, because you deserve it for...

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The Freshers Festival is upon us!

The Freshers Festival is upon us!

So this is the lineup for events coming your way in the next two weeks. Freshers week is self explanatory, Just jump in and experience the insane fun that Maynooth is famous for! Get inviting all your friends freshers! Orientation week!   MONDAYBingo Madness...

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