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Open discussion group based around understanding life over a cup of tea and a biscuit


Have you ever found yourself asking the 'big' questions in life? Do €1.50 chicken fillet rolls give meaning to your life, or do you think that there might be something more? Has it ever crossed your mind that there might be a God out there- or there might not? Are you looking for a logical understanding as to the possibility of life?


Bosco Soc is a discussion group for students, based around understanding life and existence, with a focus towards God. We hold fortnightly meetings, where we have a brief talk on a subject before opening the floor to conversation around the topic of the night. Throughout the year we will host guest speakers, as well as people from within MU, and tackle the questions otherwise not asked, while having a laugh over a cup of tea.



So, if you are someone who would like to come and tease out the bigger questions in life, such as

- The pursuit of happiness

- Life after death

- Evolution

- Relationships

- Superstition

- God and the Catholic faith

- The creation of the universe

- The need of music

  • Cheapest food in Maynooth, and so much more- then come along to our meetings, even if it is just for the free tea and biscuits ;) There will always be something to learn, disagree on, question, wonder at and something to make you scratch your head.
We don't have anything planned right now but check back soon!
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