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MU Finomics is excited to announce our partnership with Goodbody Stockbrokers from September 2017; presenting the Maynooth University Student Management Fund. Goodbody are sponsoring our society €10,000 to invest on the stock market in a portfolio designed and controlled by the societies members. This partnership is proudly endorsed by The Department of Economics, Finance and Accounting and the Student's Union at Maynooth University.

 We welcome Investors at all levels of experience. This program will include extra lecture sessions on Investment Appraisal by Dr. Rousseau and his colleagues in the Dept. as well as excellent insights into a career in multiple disciplines within the industry of Finance through talks by Goodbody staff members.

 We have agreed a deal with Goodbody which will see all profits earned by MU Finomics going directly to charity. Goodbody Stockbrokers have also announced that they will be opening applications to their 10 week Summer Internship program to all participants of the Student Management Fund via MU Finomics.


 We are the only Society in Maynooth University offering a direct route to internships in one of Ireland's largest and an award-winning Financial Services firm. No other society can boast the fact they have drawn the attention of MU Finomics, proven in the willingness of an outsider to invest as much time and money as that of Goodbody Stockbrokers.


Of course as with all societies at Maynooth we know how to throw a good team-bonding session. We hope to meet all of you Investment Bankers of tomorrow very soon!

We don't have anything planned right now but check back soon!
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