Indian Society

Like every year plenty of students of Indian origin come to Maynooth university, so we wanted a platform where we could unite and bring in the Essence of Indian culture come to life at the University and in Maynooth Town, as we have witnessed a lot of events embracing the Indian culture happen at Dublin or places away from Maynooth. We believe that this would be not the late but the best opportunity for us to form an Indian Society and encourage other students at the university to get to see and the Indian Culture and know more about the festivals and celebration of India.


Our aim is to organize different events ranging from celebrating Indian Festivals to organising trips

exploring the diversity of Ireland as a group, so the Indian students can feel involved with a homely group while staying away from their country and also engage the university students to come enjoy the

celebrations and also new experiences of a different culture altogether from a extensively diversified country, India.

We don't have anything planned right now but check back soon!
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