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MU Clubs and Socs fairs Day 2017

MU Clubs and Societies Fairs Day took place on Thursday 28th September. We sent Dafe, a member of the MSU Creative team, to check things out and have a word with those involved. here's what he discovered.


Books, buildings, lecture halls, lecturers, labs, pencils, notes and computers. These are some of the things that make a college. The quality of your facilities directly correlates with the quality of your Institution, the ability of your lecturers dictates your study of the material and price of the books accurately measures how broke you’re destined to be for the next couple of years. All these things are important because the supply the foundation upon which your college, Maynooth University is built upon, but they don’t dictate your college experience.


Friends, nights out, competitions, collaborations, conversations with people you would never have met otherwise, expanding your social circle and adventuring outside your comfort zone; these are the things that make a college more than simply a place of education, and at the heart this experience are your Clubs and Societies.

So we sat down with some Clubs and Societies and asked them why they felt that was the case.


Why are Clubs and Societies such an important element in the college experience?

Societies are important for college life because they help students that wouldn’t usually integrate into college make friends and build confidence. You get to experience a lot of different interests that you might not have experienced in your normal day to day life

-Katie Mary Deegan, Auditor of the Literary and Debating Society

Societies are great because where else are you going to make your friends? The fun part of college isn’t going to the classes, we’re the interesting part

-Narule, President of Dance Society

They bring people who have the same interests together, especially first years because you’re going into an unknown world. It's so different to anything you’ve experienced before , so it really helps with integration into this new life

- Heather Sammon, Musical Society


Clubs and Societies are super important because it means meeting new friends in college, it means new experiences. Clubs and societies are amazing for finding yourself

-Carla, Boxing Club


It’s great to experience new things at the same time, I never played badminton before until I came here and I met a lot of friends from it

-Conor, Badminton Club


The main thing I learned from interviewing a number of Clubs and Societies is that those in them felt that they played a crucial part in forming the bulk of your social experience in college. Whether that consisted of getting together with like minded or completely venturing outside your comfort zone and doing things you wouldn’t normally do. The resounding message was that Clubs and Societies are necessary if you’re to take part of the full range of experiences that college can offer.  

We also got the chance to sit down with some students attending and asked them how they felt about Fairs Day

It’s really good, I’ve seen quite a few clubs. A lot of them seem really different, there's something for everyone
-2nd year student

There’s a lot of diversity within the clubs, and there's a good few societies. I joined more stuff than I actually thought I was going to join
-1st year student


It’s been very welcoming, a lot of energy. It’s been great. Everyone's very friendly, we don’t know a lot of people so it’s the only way we can really get out!
-International student


It’s nice seeing the various Societies . College isn’t just about study, you have to interact
-1st year student

Books, buildings, lecture halls, lecturers, labs, pencils,notes and computers. These are the things that make a college, but they do not define your college experience. That is entirely up to you, based on what decisions you choose to make while you’re here.  There has never been a better time for you to try something new.

MU Clubs and Societies are now in full swing- but don't worry if you missed out during Fairs Day. It's never too late to try something new or get involved. Just visit for a list of all active Clubs and Socieites, or if you fancy starting your own drop up to the C&S Hub in the Students' Union to find out how!

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