Faculty Convenor Science & Engineering

Finn Nolan Photo

My name is Finn, and I am a 2nd Year General Science, studying Mathematics, and Computer Science. I am a local resident of Maynooth (God, you'd swear I never wanted to leave), and I can genuinely say that my time here so far has been amazing. In my first year, I struggled with academics, and making friends, and as a result, ended up having to repeat 1st Year!! I was quite disheartened, as you can imagine, until I took it upon myself to visit the SU Officers daily, and help out with whatever they needed. 

That was the moment that college began for me. I have since become a Student Engagement Ambassador, Orientation Leader, Student Supporter, and have thrown myself into Clubs & Societies, making countless friends, and opening up doorways, that I never knew existed!!

My role as the Science & Engineering Faculty Convenor, is to be the primary means of communication between the students and the Academic Representatives in the faculty, and the Executive. Using far less words, I am here to help!!

I am excited for the rest of the year, and I cannot wait to fulfil this role!!

Much love