MSU Student Senate

MSU Senate 2020/2021

The Student Senate is a body of elected students that represent different faculties and interest groups around campus. When a student is elected to the Senate they become a Senator. Senate has a few functions. Firstly, the members of the executive must give officer reports for scrutiny.  The policies that the union takes are also decided here. MSU senators can debate and mandate executive officers to undertake certain tasks.
If you would like to get involved in Senate there will be elections in March and October. Make sure to get yourself over to the front desk and collect your Nomination Form.


MSU Student Senate Office Hours 2019 - 20

Monday, 14 October 2019 2-5pm MSU Representation Office
Monday, 11 November 2019 2-5pm MSU Representation Office
Monday, 2 December 2019 2-5pm MSU Representation Office
Monday, 10 February 2020 2-5pm MSU Representation Office
Monday, 2 March 2020 2-5pm MSU Representation Office
Monday, 9 April 2020 2-5pm MSU Representation Office

MSU Student Senate Meeting Schedule Session 5, 2020/21

Monday, 9 November 2020 6pm Online
Wednesday, 25 November 2020 6pm Online
Wednesday, 16 December 2020 6pm Online
Wednesday, 17 February 2021 6pm Online
Wednesday, 10 March 2021 6pm Online
Wednesday, 14 April 2021 6pm Online
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Article 8.5 of the MSU Constitution provides for the composition of the MSU Student Senate


The Student Senate shall be composed of the following panels:

  • Executive Panel
  • Faculty Assemblies Panel
  • Postgraduate Panel
  • Clubs Council & Societies Council Panel
  • Interest Group Panel
  • Independent Panel

Details of the Student Senate panels shall be set out in Schedule 1 of the Constitution

Panel Membership

Membership of the Student Senate panels shall consist of the following:

Executive Members

  • President, ex officio
  • Vice President Education, ex officio
  • Vice President Welfare and Equality, ex officio
  • Vice President Student Life, ex officio
  • Arts, Celtic Studies and Philosophy Faculty Convenor, ex officio
  • Social Sciences Faculty Convenor, ex officio
  • Science and Engineering Faculty Convenor, ex officio
  • Oifigeach na Gaeilge (Irish Language Officer), ex officio
  • Postgraduate Representative, ex officio
  • Doctoral Postgraduate Representative, ex officio

Faculty Council Members

  • Three Academic Representatives from the Arts, Celtic Studies & Philosophy Faculty Assembly
  • Three Academic Representatives from the Social Sciences Faculty Assembly
  • Three Academic Representatives from the Science & Engineering Faculty Assembly

Postgraduate Academic Representatives

  • Three Postgraduate Academic Representatives elected from the Postgraduate Academic Representatives

Clubs Council & Societies Council Panel

  • Two Presidents of a Clubs
  • Two Presidents of a Societies

Interest Group Members

  • Accommodation Senator
  • Active Citizenship Senator
  • Campus Life Senator
  • Charity Senator
  • Community Senator
  • Commuter Senator
  • DARE Senator
  • Ethnic Diversity Senator
  • First Year Senator
  • Gender Equality Senator
  • Green Campus Senator
  • HEAR Senator
  • LGBT+ Senator
  • Mature Student Senator
  • Mental Health Senator
  • Part-Time Course Senator
  • St Patrick’s College Senator
  • Study Abroad & Erasmus + Senator

Independent Members

  • Four Independent Senators


Schedule of Members for Session 5, 2020/21

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Citation Title   Status View
S/M/S5.001|2-20| MSU Support of Seanad Reform   Signed View
S/M/S5.002|2-20| MSU Student Email Communication   Signed View
S/M/S5.003|2-20| Student Study Space on Maynooth Campus   Signed View
S/M/S5.004|2-20| Mandate for Action on the 2020 Climate Bill   Signed View
S/M/S5.005|2-20| Emergency Motion to MSU Student Senate on Campaigning against Image Based Sexual Abuse   Signed View
S/M/S5.006|2-20| Lobbying for the establishment of a Childcare Fund   Signed View
S/M/S5.007|2-20| Lobbying for the establishment of a T-Fund   Signed View
S/M/S5.008|2-20| MU Sports Officer and Maynooth University accommodating MU Clubs and Societies with Premises and Assistance   Signed View
S/M/S5.009|2-20| Internal Students' Day Commemoration   Signed View
S/M/S5.010|3-20| Alteration of MU's Name Change System   Awaiting View
S/M/S5.011|3-20| Disclosure of Lecturers' and Department Representatives' Personal Pronouns in Emails   Awaiting View
Policy Manual; Session 4, 2019/20 (Click to expand)


Citation Title   Status View
S/M/S4.001|1-19| Sourcing and Display of Consent and Sexual Harassment Pole Banners   Signed View
S/M/S4.001|1-19| Sourcing and Display of Consent and Sexual Harassment Pole Banners   Signed View
S/M/S4.002|1-19| Competition in Public Transportation to Maynooth University & St. Patrick's College Maynooth   Signed View
S/M/S4.003|1-19| Active Engagement with the ‘Fridays for Future’ Protests   Signed View
S/M/S4.004|1-19| MSU Support of the Catalan Independence movement   Signed View
S/M/S4.005|2-19| Accessible Documentation   Signed View
S/M/S4.006|2-19| Accommodation Strategy   Signed View
S/M/S4.007|2-19| Direct Provision Reform   Signed View
S/M/S4.008|2-19| Gender Identity and Gender Expression Policy   Signed View
S/M/S4.009|2-19| Menstrual Health, Sanitary Products, & Sanitary Disposal Units   Signed View
S/M/S4.010|2-19| Mental Health Training   Signed View
S/M/S4.011|2-19| Sexual Health and Consent Promotion on Campus   Signed View
S/M/S4.012|2-19| MSU Support for the Implementation of a Coherent Anti-Bullying Policy for Maynooth University Students   Signed View
S/M/S4.013|2-19| Motion to Increase Wheelchair Accessibility on Campus   Signed View
S/M/S4.014|2-19| EOAC Implementation: Officer Report Circulation   Signed View
S/M/S4.015|3-19| Demand for Action on the Student Funding Crisis   Signed View
S/M/S4.016|3-19| MSU take action against second hand smoking within John Paul II Library   Signed View
S/M/S4.017|3-19| Motion to Increase the Number of Brown Bins on Campus   Signed View
S/M/S4.018|3-19| Stance Against Light Natural Gas in Ireland   Signed View
S/M/S4.019|3-19| Climate Emergency Motion   Signed View
S/M/S4.020|3-19| Movement of Japanese Culture Society within Societies Working Groups   Signed View
S/M/S4.021|E1-19| The Introduction of Charges to Maynooth University Student Health Centre   Signed View
S/M/S4.022|4-20| Maynooth University Close for National Elections   Signed View
S/M/S4.023|4-20| The Creation of the Position of Active Citizenship Senator   Signed View
S/M/S4.024|4-20| The Promotion of MSU Student Senate   Signed View
S/M/S4.025|4-20| FoodCloud   Signed View
S/M/S4.026|4-20| Senate Wall   Signed View
S/M/S4.027|4-20| Executive Oversight & Accountability Committee Review   Signed View
S/M/S4.028|5-20| Maynooth Bike Scheme   Signed View
S/M/S4.029|5-20| Covid-19 Emergency Motion   Signed View
S/M/S4.030|5-20| Demand for Action on Student Funded Levy Projects   Signed View
S/M/S4.031|6-20| Irish Language Campaign Visibility   Signed View
S/M/S4.032|6-20| Promotion of Cúpla Focal   Signed View
S/M/S4.033|6-20| Executive Officer Report Training   Signed View
S/M/S4.034|6-20| Policy Manual Update to MSU Student Senate   Signed View
S/M/S4.035|6-20| MSU Constitution Update to MSU Student Senate   Signed View
S/M/S4.036|6-20| MSU Independence Dossier   Signed View
S/M/S4.037|6-20| Financial Transparency   Signed View
S/M/S4.038|6-20| Fairtrade   Signed View
S/M/S4.039|6-20| International Students Orientation   Signed View
S/M/S4.040|6-20| Ethnic Diversity Awareness Campaign   Signed View
S/M/S4.041|6-20| MSU Position on Publicly Funded Education   Signed View
S/M/S4.042|6-20| MU & MSU Sexual Harassment Policy Review   Signed View