2021 Graduations Update!

Maynooth University Announces in-person Graduations for October. Find out more here!

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Maynooth University Announces on Campus Graduations for October 2021

October 2021 conferring ceremonies 

Due to the scheduled easing of public health restrictions on 22nd October 2021, Maynooth University has taken the decision that the October 2021 conferring ceremonies will be in-person events on the University campus. Ceremonies will take place on Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th October. All ceremonies will be live-streamed online for those who are unable to attend. 

The full Schedule of Ceremonies providing details of ceremony times, dates and awards to be conferred at each ceremony in October will be available shortly on this webpage. 

All students due to be conferred in October 2021 will receive an email (to their MU email address only) from the Conferring Office approximately three weeks before their conferring date. Students are advised to check this website and their MU student email account regularly for updates. 

Please note: students with outstanding fees will not be conferred unless the fee balance has been cleared in advance of the ceremony. 

2020 and 2021 Graduates who were conferred in virtual ceremonies 

The University is committed to offering an on-campus ceremony to students who were conferred virtually in 2020 and 2021. 

Planning for these ceremonies is currently underway and it is anticipated that these events will take place from Monday 24th to Saturday 29th January 2022. All ceremonies will be live-streamed online for those who are unable to attend. All graduates who wish to attend an on-campus ceremony in January 2022 must complete an MS Form available on the University website (https://www.maynoothuniversity.ie/conferring/schedule-ceremoniesWednesday 1st December 2021. The planning for each ceremony will be based on the responses received. This means that any graduate who does not complete this form by the deadline will not be included in the ceremonies in January 2022. 

Once the Schedule of Ceremonies has been finalised in December, all graduates will receive an email from the Conferring Office providing them with details of their on-campus event. Information will also be updated on the Conferring Office webpages when it is available. 

Graduates are advised to check the Conferring Office website in the first instance and also their email account for further updates. 

Email information: All students who were due to be conferred at the cancelled March 2020 ceremonies will be contacted using their personal email. All other graduates will receive details to their MU student email account. If the password for your MU student email has expired, please click on the following link: How to reset student email password and follow the instructions on the ‘Self-Service Password Reset - *register now* tab. 

Please note: students with outstanding fees will not be able to attend the on-campus ceremonies, as they are not formally conferred until all fee balances are cleared.

Maynooth Students' Union Response:

Following the announcement MSU President, Liam said:

'MSU opposed the initial decision not to hold on-campus conferring ceremonies this year and while it was regrettable that September's ceremonies could not take place we understand that this was not feasible at the time'

'MSU worked hard behind the scenes to make students voices heard at the highest levels and we thank Maynooth University for engaging us in that discussion and taking onboard our opinions'

'I could not be happier for October 2021's graduands who will recieve full ceremonies on campus but it was important to me that both the class of 2020 and 2021 recieved a full on-campus ceremony of some sort to commemorate an incredible achievement in the middle of a pandemic!'

We will continue to work hard behind the scenes to make sure that January's ceremonies can be the best possible!'


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