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L.E.A.D. Initiative WiFi Lobby event in Your Space, Maynooth Students’ Union
Thursday, November 28th 2019

Maynooth Students’ Union (MSU) played host to the first-ever L.E.A.D. Initiative ‘Lobby Event’ in Your Space on November 28th. The event was organised as a response to the wifi issues that have plagued the Maynooth campus over the past number of weeks. Students have reported issues with poor wifi connectivity and even complete lack of service which impacts severely on their University experience. In an age where students are encouraged to engage fully with the virtual learning environments (VLEs), not being able to log-on has a detrimental effect.

After hearing of the event MU IT Services volunteered their presence at the event with John McLoughlin (Interim Director IT Services) addressing the gathering of students. There was an acknowledgment that the recent service level was unacceptable and an apology was issued on behalf of the University to students. Lack of communication was highlighted as a key shortcoming- in order to address this IT Services outlined the work that is ongoing and how they impact service levels.

Planned investment of over €500,000 was outlined with a number of projects either recently completed or due for completion by Summer 2020.

  • Refreshment of 180 Access Points in Student Apartments (Recently completed)

  • Refresh of old routers with higher spec (Recently completed)

  • Controller Upgrades (Recently completed)

  • ClearPass Policy & Identity Manager commissioning (Due March 2020)

  • Refreshment of remaining 420 Access Points across campus (Due Summer 2020)

It was also stressed that IT Services had committed to meeting with Maynooth Students’ Union on a more regular basis throughout the year. IT Services repeated their commitment to working to improve the wifi offering and ask that students work in partnership to achieve this. Please contact IT Services if:

  • You notice that specific areas of the campus have poor connectivity

  • Notice a degradation in the performance of the wifi over a period of time

  • Have any questions about new or unknown networks in your building

We wish to thank MU IT Services for attending this Forum and being forthright in their responses to student concerns. We look forward to working together to improve the student experience on campus.

Reporting Issues:

If you have any issues or concerns about wifi or IT service provision please contact Maynooth University IT Services. Details of how you can contact the Service Desk are at this link: https://www.maynoothuniversity.ie/it-services/servicedesk

If you have substantive concerns or you do not wish to engage directly with IT Services you can contact us here in MSU and we can raise your concerns at the appropriate forum. Your student officers are always available to talk- just reach out. (01) 708 3669 / frontdesk@msu.ie

What is L.E.A.D.?

The student-led L.E.A.D. Initiative looks for Student Solutions to Student Issues through a new approach to civic engagement.

Leadership: Encouraging leadership potential in all of us.

Engagement: Promoting transparency, communication & understanding.

Awareness: Bringing awareness to student issues, highlighted by you.

Democracy: Student activism and awareness of representative structures.

Learn More:

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