Senate Elections Count

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NOTICE: Resumption of MSU Senate Elections Count.

?? Date of the Count: Friday 18 September 2020

? Time of the Count: 9am until the conclusion of the Count

?? Coverage: Livestreams & Announcements on the @msuelections2020 Facebook page

?? Count Centre: The Venue in the MSU Student Centre

?? Remaining Senator Positions to be counted: Charity; Community; Commuter; DARE; Ethnic Diversity; Gender Equality; Green Campus; Independent (x4); LGBT+; Mental Health.

?? Staff for the Count: The MSU Returning Officer and MSU Staff will conduct the Count

?? Observers at the Count: No physical presence; Candidates & Students can watch the live stream of the event; Candidates will have a Microsoft Team connection to the MSU Returning Officer / Director of Democratic Affairs in order to communicate questions, queries, concerns etc

?? MSU is ensuring the implementation of public health guidelines at the Count centre.


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