BLW Campus Ministry


BLW Campus Ministry Society

We hold meetings and fellowships, host guest speakers, musical performances and concerts etc.

We also hold success motivation seminars and workshops, during which motivational speakers will be invited to speak on various social topics. We focus and emphasise on leadership, growth and development.


BLW Campus Ministry Society has a large network spanning in over 50 universities in the UK and Ireland. These include Dublin Institute of Technology, Dublin City University, NUI Galway, Ulster University, University of Exeter, University of East London, University of Hertfordshire, and Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge.


Campus ministry host a concert called Vibes in the UK, where we can meet other BLW Campus ministries around the world, for a weekend of fun, fellowship and live music. Our fellowship is one of many in Ireland and England. This year we are hoping to create a deeper connection throughout these fellowships and allow everyone to experience the power of Gods love through our unique family. There will be opportunities to travel for events both, nationally and internationally.


Our Christian faith is our motivation for creating this society. We strongly believe that God is love, and by His grace all things are possible. We believe that by creating this environment of faith and love, anyone who joins will see themselves grow and flourish and achieve all their dreams.


So if you would like to join us for a night of getting to know God, socializing with fellow Christians and just growing in your faith, then this is the society for you!


We hold weekly fellowships every Monday at 6pm in Callan Building, the room will be confirmed. (There will be refreshments)

We don't have anything planned right now but check back soon!
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