Academic Reps

MSU Academic REPs strive to make the college experience of every single student here better. Academic REPs represent the students in their course within their Faculty. For example, if you were a First-Year undergraduate studying music you could become the Academic REP for your year in music within the Faculty of Arts alongside reps for music technology and other music courses.

Academic REPs provide the vital link between both the officers of the Union and the general student body, whether this is coming into the VP Education to say that their class feels annoyed about a problem with facilities, or going to a lecturer and giving some constructive feedback about their class.

They are also members of the staff-student liaison committee, run by your department, where they can give a voice to students about academic issues. Academic Reps also sit on the MSU Faculty Assemblies run by the MSU Faculty Convenor and have the option to seek a seat on the Student Academic Assembly and MSU Student Senate, should they wish.


The list of Academic Reps is below. Due to Data Protection, we can not share Academic Rep emails at this time. A lot of Reps have already promoted their role on platforms such as Teams channels, Moodle Class Discussion Fora, or course group chats. 

If you can not find any evidence of that, have a look at the participant section of a mandatory module for your course on Moodle and you should be able to message your Rep there. If all else fails, contact your relevant Faculty Convenor:

Faculty of Arts, Celtic Studies & Philosophy-

Faculty of Social Sciences-

Faculty of Science & Engineering-