Full-Time Elected Officers

The SU Officers are also based in the Students’ Union Building. If you wish to see any of the officers you can pop into the SU Info Centre to see if they are available for a drop-in meeting or to arrange an appointment. The Officers were recently students just like yourself, so they can always relate and help you out in whatever way they can.

Liam Cosgrove // MSU President

Liam is your President for 2021/22. As SU President Liam is the CEO and Chief Spokesperson/Representative of the Union and represents the interests of Maynooth students when the University is making decisions.
Read more about Liam and his Role / (01) 708 6436 / (087) 908 3602


Niall Daly // MSU VP Education & Deputy PresidentVP Education Image

A 2nd year International Business Student, Niall has taken the year out to serve as your VP Education and Deputy President for 2021/22. He is here to represent you on all matters related to your education/academics in Maynooth so you get the most out of your degree. The Academic Rep system is also a major part of his brief. 
Read more about Niall and his Role / (01) 708 4712 / (087) 278 5204


VP Welfare Equality ImageLuke Buckley // MSU VP Welfare & Equality

Luke is your VP Welfare & Equality for this year while on a sabbatical from studying History and Politics. Luke can offer students support and advice on wellbeing matters and direct people to the appropriate supports across the University. Luke will also be running many campaigns across the year, so expect to meet him all across campus!
Read more about Luke and his Role / (01) 708 6808 / (087) 630 6433

VP CSSE ImageAnna Travers // MSU VP Student Life

Anna studied Business Management & Accounting here in Maynooth and is your VP Student Life. She wants to ensure that students are getting involved with extra-curricular activities outside of their degree such as; charity, clubs and societies, events, representation, and campus life.
Read more about Anna and her Role / (01) 708 6249 / (087) 957 8923


 PART-Time Elected Officers

You will often find your Part-Time officers in the Students' Union building too. These officers are taking on these roles alongside their studies, so you might even see one of them sitting in your class!

Gavin Fanning // MSU Science and Engineering Faculty Convenor

In his role as the Science & Engineering Faculty Convenor, Gavin is a primary means of communication between the students and the Academic Representatives in the faculty, and the MSU Executive. Always here to help!



Alex Balfe // MSU Arts, Celtic Studies & Philosophy Faculty Convenor

In her role as the Arts, Celtic Studies & Philosophy Faculty Convenor, Alex is a primary means of communication between the students and the Academic Representatives in the faculty, and the MSU Executive. Always here to help!



Michaela Waters // MSU Social Sciences Faculty Convenor

In her role as the Social Sciences Faculty Convenor, Michaela is a primary means of communication between the students and the Academic Representatives in the faculty, and the MSU Executive. Always here to help!



Róisín Ní Mhaoldomhnaigh // MSU Oifigeach na Gaeilge 

In her role as Oifigeach Róisín ensures we are heading towards a bilingual Union, University, and society. Always here to help!



Nicole Carr // MSU Postgraduate Representative

In her role as Postgraduate Representative, Nicole responsible for dealing with issues relating to the education, welfare and student experience of postgraduate members of the Union. Always here to help!



Andrea Woodcock // MSU Doctoral Postgraduate Representative

As the first Doctoral Postgraduate Representative, Andrea responsible for dealing with issues relating to the education, welfare and student experience of doctoral postgraduate members of the Union.


 Full-Time STAFF

It takes a lot of work behind the scenes to make MSU tick. From Representation and Communications, to Events and Finance- your SU full-time staff support your Officers to ensure that your Union is able to represent MU and SPCM students’ interests to the highest level.

Dillon Grace Image

Dillon graduated from Maynooth University with a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) and is currently undertaking an MSc Management and Corporate Governance from Ulster University. Throughout his academic life, Dillon has been an active contributor to MSU with a multi-varied perspective of the organisation. Dillon was previously positioned as Deputy Returning Officer, assisting the Returning Office in supervising and executing elections and referendums. Dillon also functioned as an Operations Team member, providing assistance to the sabbatical officers and coordinating their events.

Dillon was elected as Vice President Education / Deputy President of MSU in 2015 and as President and CEO in 2016, overseeing budgets and annual workstream planning, and acting as a primary student representative to the Governing Authority & Academic Council and Chief Spokesperson of the Union. Subsequently, Dillon joined the MSU full time staff team as a Union Development Administrator, working to build upon successful policies enacted in his term as President of MSU.

In his current role of Director General, Dillon is primarily focused on enhancing student representation, transparency, and student engagement in decision making. His key areas of interests lie in bolstering student democracy, accountability, and constitutional compliance throughout MSU.

Dillon is a member of the Corporate Governance Association of Ireland (CGAI) and is studying to become a chartered member of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (ICSA). / (01) 474 7253 / (086) 874 6967

Sandra Byrne Image

Sandra Byrne is the Finance & Operations Manager for Maynooth Students’ Union (MSU). Sandra joined MSU in June 2012 in a finance capacity and took up her current role in April 2017. Sandra and the team of staff at MSU oversee all of the operations, services and supports that MSU strives to deliver each day, through the Student Centre Facilities, the MSU Bar and Venue, the Front Office Information and Services Centre and the MSU Londis Shop in the John Hume Building on behalf of their student members, the President, Elected Officers, and representative groups of MSU.

Sandra had over 20+year experience in large scale industry in Ireland and fully embraced the move into the Student Union Sector, grasping very quickly the mission and principles of what the Students’ Union sets out to achieve and prides itself on making sure that everything is done in the best interests of its members.

Sandra alongside the current and past Student Union Presidents, Executive and team of staff in MSU have overseen the growth and development of the organisation over the past number of years into a place where the culture and ethos wholly embrace the true sense of a student lead organisation, and look forward to continuing to build on that into the future. / (01) 708 6070 / (087) 297 7075

Colin Maher Image

Colin Maher is the Director of Facilities and Services at Maynooth Students’ Union (MSU). Colin joined the team in 2010 as an Audio Visual Engineer having completed a degree in Audio Visual Media Technology at Dun Laoghaire Institute Of Art Design & Technology. In 2012 Colin returned to study at Maynooth University while working at MSU and graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor of Engineering. So Colin truly understands what it means to be a Maynoothian!

Through extensive involvement with events at MSU and other external events, including Body and Soul and Electric Picnic from 2012 - 2016, Colin became Events Manager at MSU in 2016. Events operations and health and safety are intrinsically linked to ensure events on campus operate at industry standard and beyond. Colin undertook a MSc in Environmental Health and Safety at the Technological University Dublin in 2017 and graduated in 2019. In 2020 Colin moved to Director of Facilities and Services at MSU.

Colin works closely with the team to deliver student centred services while managing the organisations daily operations, events, facility and health and safety requirements. In 2020, Colin will celebrate 10 years of working at MSU. / (01) 708 3946 / (085) 718 4899

Ann Marie Cudden Image

Ann Marie returned to education back in 2007 as a mature student. She studied to be a teacher, right here in Maynooth. Having received her qualifications, she decided she loved Maynooth so much that she would stay!

Ann Marie worked within the University for a number of years, before changing positions and starting to work with us in the SU in July 2017. As Front Office Manager she can be found behind the 'Green Door' and can assist you if you are looking for your Student Leap-card, to meet your MSU officers, hoodies, printing, binding, information, parcel-point, etc.

Always prepared with a smile, just pop in and say hello to Ann Marie anytime you are in the SU. 708 3669

Louise Kiernan ImageLouise joined the Accounts Office back in 2015 and instantly found herself at home! With over 25 years years of bookkeeping and payroll experience, across many companies and sectors, she provides a safe pair of hands for the Union's finances.

Louise works away from the limelight on the practical work of accountancy and plays an important role in producing reliable financial information. If you work for the Union in any capacity Louise will be one of the first faces you see as she sets you up on payroll and begins your induction. / (01) 708 6049

Lousie Freaney Image

Louise studied Business Studies Management in IT Tallaght leaving with a BBS. She worked in a number of other industries before finding her home in the MSU.

Louise is a relatively new member of the team, only joining us in 2019. She has taken up the role of Representation & Democracy Administrator. She will be working with the Student Senate, Academic Assembly and other relevant committees to ensure their smooth operation during the year and to enable your voice and decisions to impact the daily running of the Union. / (01) 474 4709
Brian Torley ImageThe SU Shop is headed up by General Manager Brian and Assistant Manager Fiona. They lead the student staff and ensure the busy shop delivers on providing students with the best value on campus.

Brian and his team are always happy to hear about any ideas or suggestions to improve our offering. Just tell them what you are thinking next time you are in the shop!

(01) 708 3876