MSU Executive

The Executive is elected annually and act as a collective authority with collective responsible for the day to day operation of the Union, in addition to each officer’s own portfolio.

All ordinary members of the Union are eligible to run for an Executive officer position in the Unions annual elections.

The Executive is comprised of Full Time Officers and Part Time Officers.

Full Time Officers

  • President
  • Vice President Education
  • Vice President Welfare & Equality
  • Vice President Student Life

Part Time Officers

  • Arts, Celtic Studies, & Philosophy Faculty Convenor
  • Social Sciences Faculty Convenor
  • Science and Engineering Faculty Convenor
  • Oifigeach na Gaeilge (Irish Language Officer)
  • Postgraduate Representative
  • Doctoral Postgraduate Representative

To ensure the smooth running of the Union, the Executive is empowered to take necessary decisions in between meetings of the Student Senate. Any such decisions must be ratified at the next meeting of Student Senate and shall lapse and have no further effect if not so ratified.

The Executive also has the right to defer the implementation of any decisions made by the Student Senate, where in their opinion and absolute discretion, that the decision is contrary to the MSU Constitution or Union policy. The President will refer any such decision in writing within 24 hours of it being made, to the Speaker of the Student Senate, who shall place the matter for priority discussion at the next Scheduled meeting of the Student Senate.