SU Info Centre


The SU Info Centre (or Front Desk) is your one-stop-shop for all your student needs. It is located behind the Green Door in the SU Building near the entrance to 'Your Space'. Just follow the Green signs!


If you have any questions or queries you can pop into Ann Marie and the Front Office student team, they will gladly help you out or point you in the right direction. Services available in the SU Info Centre include printing, binding, laminating, student travel-card, stationery and merchandise. We offer a parcel point service where students/staff can collect/return/send their on-line purchases. Recently we have introduced a Payzone point, where you can top-up your mobile phone or even pay a bill. A chat and a welcome smile comes free of charge!

The SU Info Centre is also one of the pathways to meeting with your Elected Officers. If you wish to speak to an Officer, simply contact us and we can arrange an appointment. We can organise a peer-to-peer meeting with our Welfare or Education Officer who can advise you on your situation. Just call ahead, email or drop in to arrange.



Opening Hours

  • MSU Info Centre: Mon -Thurs 9am - 6pm (Fri 9am-5pm)
  • MSU SU Bar: Mon-Thurs 9am-11:30pm (Fri 9am-4pm)
  • MSU Londis (John Hume) - Mon - Thurs 8:30am - 7pm (Fri 8:30am-4pm)

Study Break (30th Oct- 3rd Nov)

  • MSU Info Centre: Tues -Fri 10am - 4pm
  • MSU SU Bar: Mon-Thurs 9am- 3pm
  • MSU Londis (John Hume) - Mon - Fri 8:30am - 4pm 

printing, binding & laminating FAQ

We offer printing, binding & laminating services in the SU Info Centre. here's everything you need to know. Any other questions- just pop in and ask us!

Please ensure that your document is in your MU email address or in your One Drive. We do not offer the facility to print from a memory stick or external drive.
We suggest printing documents in PDF format. If you have your thesis in a word doc, check the format and save it in pdf form.
You can purchase a "Printing Card" from one of the staff in the SU Front Office and you can pay using either Cash or Credit Card. Cards cost; €4 for a 50 Credit Printing Card €6 for a 100 Credit Printing Card €8 for a 150 Printing Credit Card. We DO NOT accept payments using MyCard. 
We have both Black & White and Colour photocopiers in the Info Centre.
A4 Black & White sheet will take 1 credit
A4 Colour sheets take 4 credits
A3 Black & White sheet will take 2 credit
A3 Colour sheets take 12 credits
All binding, either spiral or heat, costs €2.00 per bind, which is a very keen affordable price that is student friendly. It costs .80c per A4 laminate and €1.00 per A3 laminate.
We operate a "Next Day Delivery" service on binding. However, we know how stressful deadlines can be for students- if possible, we will send you away for a tea/coffee and the binding will be done by the time you return.