Facility Booking Info

Book a Space at MSU  

MSU are delighted to launch a self-service online room booking system, the system is now open. Please register on the system with any of the following email domains (msu.ie, mumail.ie, mu.ie, @mulife.ie or spcmail.ie) and set a password. We have multiple meeting spaces available on the system. Our venue which is available from 4pm Monday - Thursday and 9am - 5pm on Fridays must be booked by emailing events@msu.ie. Details relating to all available rooms can be viewed on the booking system or here on this facility page.


MSU Venue availability can be viewed on our booking system, if your preferred date is available, please email events@msu.ie to make a booking enquiry. Once a provisional booking is scheduled, we will request an Event Management Plan to be sent to events@msu.ie 10 days prior to the event. The Event Management Plan details your plans, and the events team will use this plan to ensure we are resourced, technical requirements are in place and health and safety provisions have been assessed for your event. See detailed Event Management Plan section below. Provisional bookings will be released in the event where an Event Management Plan is not submitted 10 days in advance of an event date. Our Venue is bookable from 4pm Monday - Thursday and from 9am - 5pm on Fridays. Due to gowing demand for student common space on campus, our venue is used for these purposes Monday - Thursday from 9am - 4pm. 

Meeting Rooms


(MSU Foyer corridor) can facilitate 4/6 persons only and is available from 9am - 10pm. Please book this space directly online, access the booking system here.


 A large meeting room on the first floor at MSU, ideal for meetings , training sessions, small presentations and seminars. Seats 12 persons. Access booking system here.

MSU Info Centre

The MSU Info Centre is a central information point on the North campus. It has a busy service desk and we make promotional space available for coffee mornings and campaign launches during operational hours from 10am - 5pm. From 6pm, this space can be booked for meetings or small events ( arts and crafts, board games, workshops). Bookings can be made through our self service online bookings system, you can access the system here.

10am-5pm: Promotional space ideal for coffee mornings or campaigns.

(6pm - 10pm) Meeting/small events space. 

MSU Club Bar Foyer

This space is ideal for those who want to sell tickets, campaign or reach students on a range of different topics. You will be offered a table in the MSU Foyer as part of this booking. Please make a booking using our online self service booking system, you can access the system here.   


Maynooth Students’ Union provides facilities for use by its members and Maynooth University Clubs and Societies throughout the academic year. Access/bookings for facilities for external use (outside of the above groups) is on an application form basis and subject to approval, and compliance with MSU Policy and where applicable Maynooth University authorisation.

MSU Event Management Plan

(Download - MS Word format)

This document must be completed by any Club, Society, Students or external organisations who wish to hold an event in our building, including the Bar and Venue. Please send all completed forms to bookings@msu.ie.

On campus Promotions form

(Download - MS Word format)

This document must be completed by any Club, Society, Students or external organisations who wish to promote products, campaigns or initiatives at MSU facilitites. Please send all completed forms to bookings@msu.ie.

The following are the facility types and booking times available;

Facility Type Booking Times


 9am to 10pm (Monday to Thursday)
 9am to 4pm (Fridays)

MSU Club Bar Foyer

 9am to 6pm (Monday to Thursday)

 9am to 4pm (Fridays)

 MSU Info Centre

10am to 5pm (Monday to Friday for promotional/coffee mornings)

6pm to 10pm (Monday - Thursday for small events)


 9am to 10pm (Monday to Thursday)

9am to 4pm (Fridays)


4pm - 11.30pm (Monday to Thursday)

9am - 5pm (Fridays)

Maynooth Students’ Union operates a licensed premises as part of its facilities. These premises operate under a Club license, all Maynooth University and St Patricks College Maynooth Students’ over the age of 18 are club members.

Members can sign in one Visitor/non-member as a guest. The member and visitor are subject to the rules of the club while on the premises. Under 18’s are not permitted to attend events/activities held.


Room Details

MSU Venue

MSU Venue is an events and performance space. If you are looking to book the MSU Venue for your event, performance or activity, please take note of the following quick guide to securing your booking.


- MSU require an authorised Event Management Plan (EMP) to secure a Venue Booking.
- The event management plan will ensure that the correct resources are in place to deliver successful events to a high standard

  •  Venue seating capacities and layout
  •  Technical and other equipment requirements
  •  Catering requirements
  •  Adequate Security Provisions
  •  Cleaning and Administration needs
  •  Technical staff rostered


Venue (subject to club rules)

Capacity: 450 standing, 88 (lunch time set-up) 168 seated (theatre layout), 102 (Banquet layout), 60 (rectangular tables)

Typical usage: Live Acts, Musicals, Drama, Quizzes, Meetings, Seminars

Stage size: 25 sqm

Tech: Full in house PA 7KW Turbosound System, Lighting desk (LED, Par cans), HDMI 5K projector, In house Engineer, Microphones stands, Monitors, XLRs







Meeting Room 1

Capacity: 6 people seated

Typical usage: Small meetings

Tech: 13 amp socket, white board














MSU Info Centre (table)

Capacity: n/a

Typical usage: Awareness drives, Campaigns, Petitions, Bake sales

Tech: HDMI TV, Small speaker with microphone once requested










MSU Info Centre (entire)

Capacity: 20 seated (only)

Typical usage: Seminars, Workshops, AGM’s

Tech: HDMI TV, Small speaker with microphone once requested









Foyer table

Typical usage: Awareness drives, Campaigns, Promotions















Facility Rules                                                                                                                             

  • bookings must be made using email addressed associated with the follwing domains msu.ie, mumail.ie, mu.ie or spcmail.ie, bookings made with other emails are not permitted.
  • Please close roof windows if opened.
  • Persons bookings MSU facilities must be responsible for their activities while on site.
  • Food should not be consumed in meeting rooms.
  • Rubbish and waste materials should be removed from meeting rooms and placed in corridor bins, excessive waste should be removed to bins at the rear of the Bar to prevent fire loads in corridors.
  • Please report issues with bookings@msu.ie.
  • Any damage to the venue or meeting rooms, over and above normal wear and tear to the building, will be charged to those who make the reservation.
  • Alcohol consumption is restricted to licensed areas of the building (MSU Bar & Venue).
  • Activities on site should reflect the activities documented on booking application.
  • Room Sign In sheets are placed inside each available room, please sign the sheet to confirm you were present for your booking.
  • Rooms will be reallocated if not used within 20 minutes of booking start time.
  • If persons booking rooms are found to breach Room Rules, disciplinary action maybe taken and future booking may be prohibited.
  • Rooms should be left clean and furniture should be returned to original positions, ready for next booking.

Health & Safety 

  • If a fire alarm is raised, evacuate immediately.
  • Emergency exits must be kept clear at all times, under no circumstances should an emergency be blocked.
  • If you discover a fire, operate the nearest fire alarm point, call the fire brigade (112), leave the building by the nearest exit, communicate information to MSU staff (wearing HI-VIS jackets) while moving to assembly point in car park 1.
  • No individual should undertake an activity which could reasonably harm another, either physically or mentally.
  • Room capacities must be observed, events will be stopped if capacities are breached or if undesirable/unsafe behaviours are observed.
  • Health & Safety controls implemented in Event Management Plans must be in operation at all times, MSU may conduct Health & Safety reviews of activities on site.
  • If facility users identify hazards on site, please report to MSU reception or Bar management.


  • Do not enter the facility if you are displaying signs or symptoms of COVID-19 or if you have of COVID-19
  • Organisers must promote COVID-19 Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) Measures which include; Hand Hygiene, Respiratory Hygiene, Cleaning and Ventilation (promote cross flow)

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • MU Club/Society Bookings - Heads of Departments 
Maynooth Students’ Union has a Club license, all Maynooth University students’ who are over 18 are members, you can sign in one non MU student. The club license restricts access to the bar/venue to members and guests only.
The venue is bookable during the academic calendar from 4pm until 11:30pm, Monday to Thursday and from 9am - 5pm on Fridays. The venue is closed at weekends.
The venue has a sound system, microphones, cabling, projector (HDMI connection) and sound engineering staff.
The venue can accommodate 450 people standing and 168 people seated (theatre style).
External users/promoters are subject to an application process, application form outlining terms and conditions is available to download on the link below. This application must be sent to events@msu.ie along with the requisite Insurance and Insurance Indemnifications.