Student Leap Card

NOTE: The Purple Student Leap Card is still available. The New 2021 Student Leap Card will not be available until September 2020.

Due to the Coronavirus/Covid-19 outbreak and under HSE/govt guidelines, all college campuses and schools are closed and as a result, most of the SLC printerless and express agents remain closed as well.

Maynooth Students' Union is one of only 3 Student Leap Card agents currently issuing cards. Maynooth University students should follow the steps below to receive their Student Leap Card.

How to get your Student Leap Card (MAYNOOTH UNIVERSITY STUDENTS ONLY)

  1. Students should make their Student Leap Card Mobile Application to retrieve their SLC verification code.
  2. They should then email using your MU college email address.  
  3. A time will then be arranged for you to receive a video call from us at Maynooth Students' Union. Video Calls will be made during the hours of 10am-4pm (Tuesday Wednesday & Thursday).
  4. You should have your Student ID and photo identification at hand during this video call.
  5. You will be asked to visit the link provided here to pay for your card:
  6. The Student Leap Card will be posted to your home address free of charge by Maynooth Students' Union.


Information is available from the Student Leap Card website.

If you wish to contact MSU directly please use the Chat function of our website (lower right corner) to contact Ann Marie. If Ann Marie is not available please submit a message or e-mail