SU News

MSU Names Dillon Grace As New Director General

Dillon Grace appointed new Director General, Sandra Byrne to move from Operations & Finance Manager to Director of Finance

2021 Graduations Update!

Maynooth University Announces in-person Graduations for October. Find out more here!


MSU Announces Elections for Senate and Academic Rep 2021! Nominations Open Now!


MSU Launches it's Welcome 2021 Page with all the helpful supports you need to get you up to speed for Orientation!

MSU 'Re-Orientation'

Maynooth Students' Union hold a 'Re-Orientation' for Returning Students the week of the 13th to the 17th of September to welcome back students to campus and help them settle in.

MSU Return to Campus Position Paper

MSU President, Liam Cosgrove, launched the MSU Position Paper on the Return to Campus which takes on board feedback the MSU Team gathered from students. This paper will set out what MSU believed the return should look like and what they will be pushing the University on!