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MSU is now hiring part-time Operations Support staff for 2018/19

Activity Report 18/19
Students at protest

2018/19 was a busy year for Maynooth SU! We take a look back at everything we got up to in our Activity Report.

Housing Search

It's that time of the year: Here are our tips on securing yourself affordable housing in Maynooth.

QQI Review: Reaction
Maynooth Library

The QQI 'CINNTE' Review for Maynooth University was recently completed and released. The SU welcomes a number of the commendations and recommendations- here is our initial response.

We're All Ears 2: Settling In

The ‘We’re All Ears’ initiative was established to learn more about how students engage with their Students’ Union, University, studies and welfare. These surveys aim to gain insight into how students are engaging with college life and highlight opportunities or areas of concern. This particular survey set out to gauge the wellbeing of the student body and their satisfaction levels with various areas so far this Academic Year.