Your SU Representation FAQs

Your SU represents you at various levels to ensure you rights as a student are upheld. If your question isn't answered here you can call into the SU Front Desk or send an email to

The MSU Constitution is the governing document for the Union. It sets out the framework of how MSU is structured and how roles and responsibilities are distributed across the organisation. It details the representative roles that are available for students to run for and to utilise throughout their time studying here. The MSU constitution is reviewed every 3-5 years by way of referendum.
Student Senate is a body of elected students that represent different faculties and interest groups around campus. When a student is elected to the Senate they become a Senator. Senate has a number of functions. Firstly, the members of the executive must give officer reports for scrutiny. The policies that the union takes are also decided here. MSU senators can debate and mandate executive officers to undertake certain tasks.
The student executive is made up of 10 democratically elected officers to represent the students on different university committees and to run the day to day operations in the Students’ Union. There are four full time sabbatical officers who take leave from their studies to work for the year on behalf of students and six part time officers who study while working for the Union.
USI (The Union of Students in Ireland) is the national representative body for the 374,000 students in third level education on the Island of Ireland. MSU is an affiliated member of USI having chosen to join by means of student Referendum. All students of Maynooth University and SPCM are automatically members of the national Union.