Your General Academic/Exams FAQs

Your SU can provide assistance with your exam and academic issues. If your question isn't answered here you can call into the SU Front Desk or e-mail education@msu.ie for help.

You can find it online @ https://apps.maynoothuniversity.ie/timetable/ by using your login details given to you on your registration day.
Moodle is online resources that lectures can put up notes, assignments and more on. This will be your best friend for the duration of your time here in Maynooth.
Drop into the Students Union where you can meet with our Education Officer who can point you in the right direction. You can change subjects in an arts or science degree omnibus easily with no penalty until the end of October.
To access any of the computers on campus you will need your student number (it’s on your student card) and your password that you got at registration. There are computers in the library, arts block, callan building foyer and the South campus computer room.
As a first year you will generally take 3 or 4 subjects here each subject (eg English) is made up of separate modules ( eg literature poetry, drama ) Each module has a spate result, exam and lecturer. All your modules in one subject combine to give your overall grade.
It is when you don’t quite reach the passing grade (40%) in one of your modules, but you have done awesomely enough in the other to make up for it. You have to receive at least 35% in the module and then have an average of 40% in your total marks. You will automatically pass by compensation if you can. There are some exceptions to this rule for specific courses or modules so drop into the Students Union if you’re not sure.
These modules are all worth a certain amount of your time. This is set by the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System. Basically for a full academic year you get 60 credits these 60 credits are usually split evenly over 2 semesters, so 30 credits associated with exams at Christmas and 30 with exams in May. A standard module is worth 5 credits and should involve approx 100-125 hours of work, that includes lecturers, assignment, exam study, the whole lot!
Contact a friend who may be able to supply you with lecture notes and check Moodle where some Departments put their notes. Please follow any notification procedures prescribed by the Department concerned. Attendance of some tutorials can go towards your end of year grade so make sure you follow the directions issued by the Department concerned or, in the absence of such directions, notify the Tutor and the Department Office and submit any medical certificates if appropriate.
The Info Centre in the Students’ Union building is the cheapest place to get things printed but there are printers available right across campus from the library to the arts block.