Visit the Student Centre

Your Student Centre is the heart of student activities on campus and the home of the social, cultural and democratic needs of the student body. We at MSU want the Student Centre to be a welcoming space where students from across campus can come together to enjoy the best of what Maynooth has to offer.

And here are just some of the great things you can find in your Student Centre:


If you have any questions or queries, or just aren't sure where to start, then pop into the SU Info Centre. Ann Marie and her team are always on hand to help you out and point you in the right direction. You can also get your Student Travelcard while you are here, pick up a hoodie or get something printed. Just pop in and say 'Hello'!

Your Students’ Union OFFICERS

The glue that keeps student life together! OK, we are biased but the SU is a welcoming space for student interaction while promoting a happy and social student life. The democratic processes of the Union are our lifeblood and your Student Officers are always on hand to speak with students and engage with our Academic REPs.

The SU Bar & Venue (MSU CLUB)

From Open Mic nights to Karaoke and Live Bands- the SU Bar has FREE entertainment every Monday-Thursday night. Most nights there are also events on in the Venue hosted by MU Clubs & Societies. It’s an open space with a variety of events to attend and explore for all students at Maynooth University. Whether its day or night the SU has you covered for entertainment!

MU Clubs & Societies ACTIVITIES!

There is literally a society for all interests at Maynooth University, whether it’s a love for a good cupan tae to exploring your jazzy side in the Music Society. There is an endless list of societies to choose from here at Maynooth University, many of which host meet-ups or events in the MSU Student Centre. Get involved now :)

One with Nature- South Campus Grounds

OK, this is outside of the Student Centre but can we just talk about the stunning views on South Campus that we as students get to witness every day? Well, why not go for a fresh and relaxing stroll on St. Patricks campus: there are so many buildings to explore and it’s a great way of exercising while still being on campus grounds for lectures.