Destress Maynooth

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Exams can be a stressful time, particularly in these times when our exam arrangements have changed. We want to provide supports to help you succeed and stay healthy during this exam season. Welcome to our online DeStress Maynooth campaign!

Instagram Live Sessions:

Getting the Last Assignments In
Tuesday 15th | 3pm
Join Julian on Instagram Live as he shares his tip, ticks, and advice for nailing those final assignments.

Digital Teaching & Learning Takeover
Wednesday 16th | All Day
Join Katharina, Michaela & Robyn- the student interns from the MU/MSU Enhancing Digital Teaching & Learning Team as they share advice and resources around avoiding plagiarism and ensuring academic integrity.

Getting Ready for Exams
Thursday 17th | 1pm
Join Kelly on Instagram Live for hints and advice on getting yourself ready for January over the holidays.

Taking breaks
Friday 18th | 11am
Join Julian on Instagram Live for hints and advice on making sure you take breaks during study.

Our Top 10 for preparing for and taking online exams and assessments:

We have a whole article for Top Tips! Check it out.

Exam Regulations:

You can find all the rules and regulations about exams on the Maynooth University website.

Help & Support:

If you need any advice or support email Julian, your VP Education, on

Best of luck in all your exams and assessments- You Got This!


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