MSU Senate Elections

MSU Student Senate ELECTIONS

Run For Senate

Each year MSU looks for students who wish to play a significant role in the democratic operations of the organisation. A number of elections are held in order to elect the student representatives that will form MSU Student Senate and run MSU on behalf of the students of Maynooth University and St.Patrick's College, Maynooth.

Senator roles are voluntary and you must be a current MU student to hold one of these positions. MSU Student Senate sits at least 3 times per Semester. During these meetings you get to formulate and vote on student policy and shape the direction of MSU on behalf of our members.

Every year, students are elected into MSU Student Senate positions. Together with the 4 Full-Time and 6 Part-Time Officers officers they form the MSU Student Senate and play a key role in representing the needs and views of students, overseeing the work of MSU and informing MSU policy.

Senator positions available:

  • Accommodation Senator
  • Campus Life Senator
  • Charity Senator
  • Community Senator
  • Commuter Senator
  • DARE Senator
  • Ethnic Diversity Senator
  • Gender Equality Senator
  • Green Campus Senator
  • HEAR Senator
  • LGBT+ Senator
  • Mature Student
  • Senator Mental Health Senator
  • Part-Time Course Senator
  • St Patrick's College Senator
  • Study Abroad & Erasmus + Senator
  • Independent Senator (x4)

Why should I run?

Keep MSU  heading in the right direction.
MSU exists for its members - that’s students like you! - and it is important that it develops and grows to keep supporting the student body. Your insight into the student experience at Maynooth will help ensure that decisions the Executive makes are in the best interests of our members.

Represent the needs of different student groups.
In order to ensure the diverse student population is represented on Student Senate some of the roles have a particular focus. For example; the Green Campus Senator would have an interest in green issues etc.

Draft Policy on behalf of MSU.
A key function of Student Senate is to consider and draft policy that will guide the direction of MSU on behalf of its members. This policy is written, discussed and then voted upon by Student Senate, so you will have direct involvement.


It all starts with a Nomination Form!
Download: Senate Elections 2020 Nomination Form [PDF]