Funds & Grants


So, you have probably heard of scholarships, but who gets those? Well, you could! There are numerous scholarships available to both undergraduates and postgraduates, on both continuing and entry levels, and for all kinds of merits like sports, music and even for being a woman in the technology industry!

The application process for each can be found on the following link: LINK

Short Term Loans

For more emergency, smaller, short-term loans, (maximum €50) in cases like leaving your wallet on the bus, or if an unexpected prescription is needed. The application process is very straight-forward: you attend the Student Support Services Hub at 2.30pm (located on the upper ground floor of the Student Services building), and a decision is made on the same day.

The repayment of this loan is expected to be fulfilled quickly. Should you have any queries, call 01 7084729.

The Emergency Fund

In the case of an unforeseen emergency that may result in significant financial debt, leaving you unable to afford the day-to-day necessities, The Emergency Fund is available on a once-off basis.

If you have been recommended for funding as part of the Student Emergency Fund by the Student Budgeting Advisor please send your query to

If you are in need of a Short-Term Loan or Food Vouchers as part of the Student Emergency Fund please apply directly to Student Support Hub by emailing

Back to Education Allowance

Are you in receipt of a Social Welfare Payment, but are unsure as to whether or not you can attend college on this amount of pay? Back to Education Allowance allows some recipients to receive their payment and other payments, such as Rent Supplements, whilst attending full time courses.

Before you apply for this, make sure to check whether or not you currently qualify for SUSI, as this may be more beneficial. If you are unsure, we would encourage you book an appointment with the Student Budgeting Advisor or go to one of the Drop-in Clinics provided.

For more information, follow this link:

The 1916 Bursary

10 bursaries per year are granted for each year of study, to the value of €5,000 as part of the National Plan for Equity of Access to Higher Education. The aim of this fund is to increase the number of students who are currently underrepresented in higher education.

Applicants for this bursary can be part-time or full-time but must be socio-economically disadvantaged. Although you cannot hold a 1916 Bursary and another scholarship at the same time, you can be a grant holder, so long as you fulfil all requirements of both.

For application information and FAQs, please follow this link: