Alcohol & Drugs

With University life comes new experiences, excitement and temptations. The best method of harm reduction is to not indulge in harmful behaviour in the first place. While we do not advise illegal substance use; we recognise that it happens and prioritising harm reduction and providing information on making informed choices are at the top of our agenda at MSU. Why are we taking this stance? You asked for reformed thinking regarding drug use, voted on a harm reduction stance by Referendum and we listened.

What is harm reduction?

It’s a social policy which aims to decrease the negative effects of drug use and understand that although the safest method is not to take drugs, harm reduction accepts that legal and illegal use of drugs is part of society and practical strategies can be put in place to protect drug users. It also realises drugs users themselves can reduce the harm of their drug use by following guidelines and seeks to empower users to share information and support each other. Actions include:

  • Staying hydrated

  • Eating before a session 

  • Sleep regularly after sessions

  • Avoid mixing drugs/alcohol

  • Avoid risky situations & stay with trusted friends

  • Always know your sources & test dose a new batch

  • Begin with a low dose & leave adequate time between using

  • Always use your own straw & avoid using bank notes

Here at MSU we hope to help students make informed decisions about drug and alcohol use and provide an environment where students can speak candidly about the issue. We also aim to reduce drug related issues on and off campus.

Support & Information

For additional information on drug/alcohol use and harm reduction visit or call the HSE Drug/Alcohol helpline Freephone: 1800 459 459, 9:30-5.30 Monday – Friday.

You can also visit the Student Health Centre on campus: 01 708 3878