Gay, straight, mature student, disabled, international, Irish, Erasmus, black, white, catholic, protestant, atheist, male, female, bisexual, transgender, non-binary, lone-parent, overweight, bald, skinny, depressed, OCD, virgin, sex addict, divorced, single, unemployed....

The Students' Union is a safe space of support for students of all backgrounds, faiths, shapes and sizes. Everyone has earned their place to be here and has a right to be treated equally. If you have been bullied or discriminated against please let someone know in the Union. 

You’re lucky to be apart of The Friendliest University in the country (official) and we want you to be respected, treated equally, welcomed, helped, healthy and happy. If you need Kealan (your Welfare & Equality Officer) you can reach them on: welfare@msu.ie