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How ye all!

My name is Julian (Jules works too) and I am your VP Education in Maynooth Students’ Union.

My job at MSU is to deal with issues of your academic advancement as students. What does that mean in layman’s terms? I am here to represent you on all matters related to your education in Maynooth so you get the most out of your degree. 

Higher Education can be daunting. I know it. I’m the first in my family to have gone to University. I’m actually the first male in a couple of generations not to work in a coal mine! But I made it and my job now is to ensure that you do too! 

The best way to get involved in your Union, make friends, and get to represent your class is to become an Academic Rep! Academic Reps are the link between MSU and students on matters relating to education. Alongside working with me, as Academic Rep, you work with your Faculty Convenor who is a full-time student like yourself elected to represent the whole Faculty at MSU and Maynooth University. 

I hope that you will enjoy Maynooth as much as I have. Maynooth extends beyond the campus and it is a beautiful town and a close-knit community that you get to be a part of as a student. Don’t stress too much about things and take time to appreciate the little things; head up to the SU building to hang out with friends or go for a walk on south campus to reflect on what’s on your mind. Being a student is about more than just studying.

If you find yourself having issues with your course, lecturer, grades, or anything else related to your education, don’t hesitate to contact me! I’m here for you to make your Maynooth experience the best possible ?? 

Le grá,

087 278 5204


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