MSU Vice President Education

Niall Photo

Hey everyone,

My name is Niall Daly, and I’m your Vice President Education in Maynooth Students’ Union this academic year. I have just finished my second year of a three year International Business degree . To serve as your VP Education this year, I’m taking a “sabbatical” from my degree. I’ve had my fair share of them, so I’m quite aware of the many complications involved with higher education!

So, what does the VP Education do? Well, my primary job is to represent you, the students, in dealing with issues of “academic interest” as well as the general “academic advancement” of the student body. In short, I’m here to make sure that you have the best experience possible while doing what you’re primarily coming here to do – getting your degree!

As the VP Education, I’m also responsible for running what is called the “Academic Rep” system. Academic Representatives are the key to all things educational representation. They serve as the crucial link between Maynooth Students’ Union and you, the students on the ground, so that my dedicated team of Faculty Convenors and I can represent you to the best of our abilities. Faculty Convenors are part of what we call our “Part-time Officers” – students just like you – who have been elected to work with our Academic Representatives from each Faculty so that they can effectively represent all of the students within that Faculty.

The first involvement I ever had with Maynooth Students’ Union was being an Academic Rep in my first year here and, admittedly, it was completely by accident… But it was honestly the best thing I ever did and it unlocked a passion within me I never knew I had. So I would encourage everyone to try! It might seem scary at first but you’ll find that most students want to see you succeed. I know myself that some of my closest friends in Maynooth were made through the Union and, you never know, in a few years’ time, it could be YOU in any of our positions writing your own bio!

I hope you find your time in Maynooth as welcoming and enjoyable as I have so far! I would argue that, due to the size of the town itself, we have one of the closest-knit student bodies of any college in Ireland and there is a great sense of community between students and residents. Your college experience extends so much further than just your education, so have fun with it! There’s a lot to do in this small town, get out there and enjoy it. We’ll be there every step of the way.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any educational issue(s) you might have – big or small. We’re here to help YOU!

087 278 5204