MSU Vice President Welfare & Equality

Hey friends,

My name is Kealan Hilley (they/them), and I am your Vice President for Welfare and Equality in your MSU! I come from farmland, in the oaky-smoky wastes of Donegal, and moved away from the cows to pursue a BA in politics and anthropology in the big city (Maynooth). It has been a high-octane, petticoat-ruffling few years, but my current goal as a washed-up postgraduate is to make your Maynooth experience as enjoyable, fun, welcoming, equitable, and safe as possible.

What does a VP Welfare and Equality do, Kealan? If you’re ever feeling down, uncertain about finances, having trouble fitting in, or you’re being mistreated because of gender, sexuality, ethnic background, disability, because you’re a mature student, or for any reason, please do come to me. It’s what I am here for and your wellbeing is our priority. My door is always open, but the odd occasion it is not, throw me an email or a text. Or better yet, come in for some tea and coffee and toss out some ideas about things can be improved around here. I’m giving you permission to strut in my office and make demands.

Experiencing the highest fees in Europe and living in an accommodation nightmare, we are in this together. I would love if you would consider joining the Welfare Crew to spearhead ideas and make our university a better place. It is a great way to make new friends and meet people just as passionate about the issues that affect us on a day-to-day level. Let’s stand up for our rights together. Or maybe you’re in it for the winnable sex toys and free lube, that’s fair, that’s solid.

My motto is that equal access is what creates equal opportunity; equality is groundless without equity. I had the best 3 years in Maynooth due to the generosity and care of my former MSU teams, and I owe it to them and you to return the favour. Come find me if you would like to get more involved. MSU is less than it could be without your voice. Reach out if you’re ever in need or just need to unload. I’m always here.

All my grá,

Kealan x / (01) 708 6808 / (087) 630 6433