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Hello, hey , hi!

My name is Bukky Adebowale (Boo-key  A-day-boh-wah-lay) and I am your Vice-President for Student Life! I studied biological and biomedical sciences and while I found it very tough, my involvement in the SU kept me here. As VP Student Life, my job is to make sure students are getting involved with things outside of their degree such as charity, clubs and societies, events, representation, and campus life! My role is in student engagement.

I started my journey with Maynooth Students’ Union on my very first day of orientation when I became an academic rep.  Secondary school was not one of my best experiences and naturally, I was reluctant to put myself out there and a bit more on the shy side once I got to college. It was the best decision getting involved as I became this young woman bursting with energy and confidence.

Clubs and societies were where I got completely immersed in the union and extra-curriculars! I was treasurer and vice-president of three societies and one club in my whole degree. At least 90% of my college friends were through clubs and societies. The experiences I gained from clubs and socs and the SU took my degree to a whole new level.

I realised how there is a massive link in extra-curriculars and the working world. I aspire to make sure you are taking your fun experiences (such as clubs, societies, representation) and using it in your future. I also aim to represent minority groups of people who are not usually involved as being of African descent, I know what it feels like to not be included. I strive to help students become the best version of themselves so that when you leave, you are not the same as when you started.

By the end of your time at MSU, I hope you take many experiences with you wherever you go.
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