Charity Partner of the Year 22/23

MSU Charity Partner of the Year 2022/23

Maynooth Students’ Union (MSU) is the representative body for the students of Maynooth University (MU) and St. Patricks College Maynooth (SPCM). 

Every year, MSU chooses a Charity partner to fundraise for and get students and staff of Maynooth to give back to the wider community. The Charity Partner of the Year is chosen by MSU's very own students!

This year's Charity Partner is Threshold


Maynooth Students’ Union are delighted to announce Threshold as our Charity Partner of the Year for 2022-23. 

The students of Maynooth have selected Threshold to be Maynooth Students’ Union’s (“MSU”) Charity Partner of the Year for 2022-23. This partnership is a welcome opportunity for both parties as it will allow Threshold to reach more students, faculty, and staff in Maynooth who need their expert help, and MSU to play a part in raising funds for a vital cause. 

Threshold is a unique charity; they are the only charity that campaign for the prevention of homelessness in Ireland. Threshold believes that housing is a human right. That people who rent are entitled to safe, secure, affordable, and good-quality housing. Threshold provides free advice and legal support to people in housing difficulty, and those at risk of losing their rented home. 


Threshold is the first port of call for students with housing problems or facing eviction. They approach each student’s needs with care, respect, and confidentially. Their dedication to students’ housing rights is at the core of their housing policy too. Students are bearing the brunt of the housing emergency. We also face a broken future if radical change is not urgently taken. Both MSU and Threshold are calling for a referendum on the Right to Housing to be enshrined in our constitution. Our voices, and our votes have never mattered more! 


By partnering with Threshold, MSU hopes to raise more awareness of Threshold’s renting advice services across our campuses, while raising much-needed funding for their front-line services.  


“I am glad that students have chosen Threshold as MSU’s Charity Partner of the Year, particularly during a national and student housing crisis. This will give us an opportunity to ensure that our members are aware of and have access to Threshold’s critical services and supports this year and beyond. This partnership will also allow us to raise much-needed funds to help ensure those services can cater for those who need them most.” – Niall Daly, President, Maynooth Students’ Union. 


“We are delighted that Maynooth Students’ Union has chosen Threshold as their charity of the year. The money raised will go straight towards our advice services, saving homes and preventing homelessness across Ireland. We also hope to raise awareness of Threshold’s advice and advocacy services to students, staff, and faculty in both campuses.” –  John-Mark McCafferty, Chief Executive Officer, Threshold. 




About Maynooth Students’ Union  

Maynooth Students’ Union is the autonomous representative body for the students of Maynooth University and St Patrick's Pontifical University and seeks to serve their social, cultural, welfare, educational, political, and developmental needs, to further their interests, and generally to enhance their well-being. Maynooth Students’ Union operates a Student Centre and provides a range of supports and other services to the student body.  


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