Join A Club or Society

WHY JOIN a Club or society?

MU Clubs and Societies are the lifeblood of campus activity and provide you with a great opportunity to throw yourself into University life. They are the place to enjoy a current interest or develop new ones. Many students look back at their time spent in Clubs & Socs as one of their highlights- the opportunities for friendship, social development and personal growth are almost unlimited!

What can I expect?

With over 100 Clubs & Societies we are confident that you will find at least one that is perfect for you! You’ll meet new friends, share amazing experiences and feel like part of a team. Above all, Clubs & Socs provide an opportunity to forget about exams and study and spend quality time doing something you love.

How do I sign up to Clubs & Societies?

You can sign up anytime during the year and it only costs €2 to join. The first step is to visit and register your details. You can then check out all the Clubs and Societies that are available and sign up to. Most students will also check out ‘Fairs Day’, and remember- you can always set up a Club or Society if you wish.


MU Clubs and Societies have their home on the Ground Floor of the John Hume building. Here you will find your Clubs & Societies Administrators Mary McCourt and Mary Banahan who are always on hand to train, support and help ensure the smooth running of your Club or Society. The Clubs and Socs workspace, meeting room and printing facilities are all there for your use.

Mary McCourt and Mary Banahan are the Clubs and Societies Administrators. You can find them over in the Hub in JH.

MU Clubs & Societies are also welcome to book the Meeting Room and Venue facilities in the MSU Student Centre.


During Term: 9.30am-5.30pm (Monday to Friday)

How are clubs and societies represented?

Each Club or Society has it's own constitution and governing committee. Members take up positions on this committee (President, Treasurer etc.) and together they plan the years activities. Representatives will also sit on the Clubs and Societies Council, where issues can be raised and addressed.

Find out more about Clubs Council / Find out more about Societies Council

Any more info?

You can find out all about Clubs and Socs by visiting, dropping into the MU Clubs & Societies Hub in the JH Building or contacting Anna at