MSU Operational Staff Testmonials


Aaron Dempsey, MSU Front Office Operational Staff 2021-22.


"Working in the MSU Front Office was one of the best experiences I had while in Maynooth University. As someone who was an extremely shy first year and had to do my second year online due to Covid, working with the SU got me involved in the goings on of the Union in a way I never had before. I got to see first-hand how our officers work and led me to wanting to participate myself. I got to meet so many new people and make friends with the other people who worked in the office with me.

Working in the Front Office was never stressful. Ann Marie is a great manager who always makes sure to give a hand doing a job until you let her know you can do it yourself. The hours are great and super flexible, they never made it harder for me to attend classes or get assignments done. On top of time, working there helped to lighten the load of some other college expenses due to the SU striving to pay us an amazing living wage. Working there was one of the best things I had done in my time at Maynooth. It’s a great way to get experience and I’d recommend it to everyone who is interested."


HANNAH KEEGAN, MSU Front Office Operational Staff 2021-22


"Working at Maynooth Student’s Union was by far the most valuable and rewarding experience of my time at Maynooth University. I have learned life-long skills, which will serve me well in any future endeavors. Having worked as a part of an amazing team with other students, I have made friendships for life, and grown as a person. Interacting with members of the SU staff has made me feel more confident in performing my duties and understanding the day to day running of a student’s union. The front office operations team has taught me that there is no need to take on every task alone, when you have a fantastic group of people working with you who are willing to drop everything and help at any moment. It has given me the confidence that I have lacked throughout my university life.

Under the care and supervision of front office manager Ms. Annmarie Cudden, working at the front office rarely felt like a part-time job. Annmarie is kind, driven and passionate in her work at MSU, she reflects these qualities onto her student staff. Working at the Front Office as a final year student, the hours were flexible and the pay more than adequate. I could not recommend working as part of the Front Office Operations Team more than enough, you never feel lonely, with a helping hand never too far away. Working as part of a team your opinion is valued and your voice is heard, no day is ever the same, which makes it even more fun"

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